The Inspiration of Natural Elegance

Crafted by Musician-Luthiers to be Played and Enjoyed

For the Love of Playing Guitar

Bresnan Guitars are built one at a time, driven by the pursuit of an instrument that will inspire new musical directions with a deep-rich tonal palette and optimal responsiveness. Luthiers Dan and Sean Bresnan are each accomplished guitar players, passionate about creating instruments of the highest caliber.

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Finest Materials, Science, and Attention-to-detail
Our Approach to the craft

Bresnan Guitars handcrafts instruments of timeless quality that highlight the innate natural beauty of the finest materials and the unique tonal characteristics of each piece. Hand-selected materials are individually voiced using a combination of traditional and modern construction techniques, informed by decades of experience as professional guitarists and musicians.

the process

Natural Beauty

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Our Models

The GS and OM are Bresnan’s most popular and versatile instruments. They are very comfortable for most players and adaptable to many different playing styles. For a more specialized tonal palate, OO and OOO models are also available upon request.



“As a musician, I have always been inspired by the magical tonal qualities of finely crafted instruments.  As a luthier, I am driven to deliver that same experience to others.  I want to get people playing more, enjoying more, and creating more.”

Dan Bresnan

Master Luthier, NYU School of Music Graduate, Recording Engineer Veteran

Sean Bresnan

Luthier, Berklee College of Music Graduate, Professional Guitar player

“My goal as a luthier is to create an instrument which forms a symbiotic relationship between itself and the player’s creativity; propagating new ideas with its feel and aesthetic, while also evolving those ideas into new directions through its unique voice and tone”