Welcome to Bresnan Guitars. I hope the material contained in these pages will provide you with useful information regarding my approach to lutherie and the instruments which I create.

I am dedicated to expressing the timeless quality of innate elegance through my work. I defer to an unassuming balance of natural elements which emphasizes the beauty of the materials I use and the intrinsic tonal qualities within. I apply traditional construction techniques, and integrate what I have learned through many years as a serious guitarist, to bring to life instruments of uncompromised quality.

My personal musical background is grounded in fingerstyle guitar. As such, I am strongly focused on the importance of maximum responsiveness in each instrument I create. I design and build my guitars to deliver a rich tonal experience and optimal sensitivity to the touch of the player. Through this combination, I hope to open a tonal palette that complements and enhances the expressiveness of the musician.

I invite you to explore the pages presented here and thank you for your interest.

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